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Managing the information within your iOS device using iTunes, the standard Mac Operating system X music player, is not always extremely easy-to-use. iTools is a simple Apple pc software that gives an alternate if you prefer to visualize, manage, or exchange data to as well as their from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Easily browse the information within your iOS device via a very well organized interface

Right off the bat, you will have to ensure your iOS system is connected into your Mac pc: iTools quickly detects the available devices and then displays all of the available info, organized into multiple tabs. As a result, you ought to be capable to look for what you are seeking for in no time.

You can apply the iTools software program in order to view lots of other installed software applications, your personal photo / music / movies / ringtones / books / connections library, all the available files, but additionally general details about the product, for example type, iOS version, or if has been jailbroken or not really. Handle up your iPhone’s or iPad’s data via user-friendly tools

iTools gives you an opportunity so that you can import or export items without having to handle complicated software tools. During the identical time, you will also have the option in order to delete particular elements. As far as application are concerned, iTools enables you in order to get rid of, archive, or browse the information of the user installed utilities.

In mere the iTools software application, you ought to be able to visualize the activity with their iOS device in realtime: the software installs one more plug-in to manage that this task, however during our testing the screen reloading procedure failed. Note that iTools downloads in addition to their installs this plug-in very quickly with no asking regarding their confirmation. Streamlined iOS device control solution featuring an simple to use workflow

iTools proposes very simple options for transferring data by your iOS device on to your Mac pc, as well as their vice versa, in almost no time, with no need to handle complex software tools. iTools have the ability to archive or browse the information of any installed app, permits you so that you can browse as well as their preview your own multimedia library, as well as their so on. Undoubtedly, the creators do not provide any documentation, so you might have to understand ho to use the app on to your own.


Mac-Os X 10.6.8 or later

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