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Free Download Microsoft excel   for Mac

Analyze and visualize numbers in new in addition to their intuitive ways. The most recent Microsoft excel for Mac pc permits you to change numbers into insights. Recognizable keyboard shortcuts and their data entry advancements for instance formula builder and autocomplete immediately generate you more productive. Excel furthermore helps you visualize your data by recommending charts best suited for your personal numbers, in addition to their letting you quite simply preview different solutions. New PivotTable Slicers help you find out designs in larger volumes of information.

Excel features

  • Recommended charts. Select the very best chart that all Microsoft excel suggests regarding their your personal data.
  • PivotTable Slicers assist you find out patterns in bigger volumes of data.
  • Use the Analysis Toolpak add-on to execute complicated statistical or engineering analyses.
  • The Formula Builder pane allows you to generate formulas that enable you to tap into the complete ability of Excel’s formulas.
  • Most Excel 2013 for their Microsoft windows functions are supported regarding their easier sharing files involving the Apple pc and their Notebook computer.
  • Print Enhancements, such as the capability to print to the single PDF file.
  • Familiar keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft excel for Windows are this time what’s more available on Macintosh personal computer.

What’s New in 15.27

Version 15.27:

  • Use CONCAT or TEXTJOIN to shorten your text formulas, or try the forecasting functions to assist you to predict future trends. Regarding their Office 365 subscribers only.


Mac Os X 10.10 or later

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