Archimedes 1.3.2 Free Download

Download Archimedes for Mac - Markdown and LaTeX editor.

Archimedes Full free Version Download is a text editor that uniquely combines Markdown and LaTeX to make mathematical writing fun and easy.

Markdown Editing At its core, Archimedes is a fully-featured plain text and Markdown editor. It includes a fast syntax highlighter and provides convenient keyboard shortcuts for common actions, such as inserting images and links. With complete support for Markdown, Archimedes Full setup Download for Mac makes formatting and structuring documents elegant and easy.

Math Mode + Autocomplete In Math Mode, Archimedes Full Version Download for Mac lets you write mathematics in a subset of LaTeX. Just enter $$ to get started. Over 700 intuitive commands, such as sqrta^2 + b^2, help you produce stunning mathematical output. Archimedes even autocompletes commands and intelligently matches closing braces, brackets, and parenthesis as you type.

Magic Type Just getting started with LaTeX? Don’t know the code for the asymptotically equal symbol? Use your MacBook’s trackpad or Magic Trackpad to draw it! Free Archimedes for Mac Os will recognize the symbol and insert the corresponding code for you.

Live Preview: As you work, a beautifully-typeset live preview of your document is always visible. You can even switch between horizontal or vertical orientation and select a custom theme.

Math Library Browse the math library to see all available LaTeX commands and their previews in one place.

Macros: Free Archimedes for Mac Os lets you define macros — or custom commands — for the expressions you work with the most. Macros show up in autocompletion results right alongside built-in completions.

Navigator Working on a long document? Use the Navigator to pull up a table of contents and quickly jump between sections.

Sharing Share your work with the rest of the world via email, iMessage or AirDrop. Or export a PDF document to disk.

What’s New in Archimedes 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2:

  • The editor’s font size can now be changed in the new Preferences window
  • Typing a $ over a selection of text now places it in Math Mode
  • Improved syntax highlighting for escaped characters
  • Spell checking is now disabled in code blocks
  • Fixed alignment issues in the PDF Preview window
  • Fixed an issue where text inside of code blocks would overflow
  • Fixed an issue where links would not be syntax highlighted for title-less images
  • Restoring documents from Versions is now more reliable
  • Various performance and rendering improvements


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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