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OmniFocus for Mac Os can be an manager software. The software application uses projects to manage tasks of course, and and then add tags so that you can manage throughout projects. Effortlessly enter tasks when you’re on the go, as well as their process them as you time. Tap the Forecast view the – that shows the 2 tasks and their calendar occasions – to obtain a deal with on your day. Make use of the Review perspective to keep your projects and their tasks on track.

Use OmniFocus so that you can accomplish more every single day. Produce projects in addition to their tasks, organize them with tags, focus on what anyone are able to do right now – as well as their often be stuff done. Then let our totally free syncing system ensure you data is a similar on every Mac. (As well as their on OmniFocus Offline installer Download regarding their iOS, available separately.) Because your own data is encrypted, it’s safe in its cloud.

What’s New in OmniFocus Offline installer Download for Mac 3.4

Version 3.4:

  • Database Migration — The capability in order to drop personal actions requires that of your syncing devices are operating OmniFocus 3.4 for Mac or 3.3 for iOS (or later). Whenever all your own devices is updated, you’ll be prompted to migrate your database in order to technical support the new feature. Action Status — Updated the logic that this determines whether an action is accessible depending on tag status. The rules are as follows:
  • A task with all of dropped tags have been unavailable.
  • A task with almost any on-hold tag is also unavailable.
  • A task along with other nearly any various other mixture of tags is accessible.
  • A task with its own explicit status (accomplished or dropped) always respects that all status.
  • A task with all no tags can be obtained.
  • First Run — We’ve updated the OmniFocus for their Apple pc first run experience for the suggested OmniFocus registration. If you’re the customer who already owns OmniFocus regarding their Macintosh personal computer and/or iOS as well as their would for example for use OmniFocus Full version Download for Mac regarding their the internet, look at the web Add-On Registration option at the bottom of
  • Dropped Actions — It’s at this point actually possible to drop an individual action when using the inspector, the keyboard shortcut option-space, or by option-clicking its unique status circle. Dropping an item is an excellent way to preserve an action even though the you’ve decided not really to do .
  • AppleScript — Added the attributes dropped, efficiently dropped, dropped date, as well as their the verbs mark dropped as well as their mark incomplete in order to tasks. Scripts which use arranged status in order to dropped on projects need to be updated to use mark dropped.
  • AppleScript — mark end as well as their mark dropped at this point return the task that was marked whole entire or dropped. For a non-repeating item, it will be the exact same instance which received the message. For their a repeating item, the instance that was marked entire or dropped before the repeat was applied and their the original item was moved forward is also returned.
  • Perspectives — Added Due & Flagged as a new perspective sort criteria for their database that this has been migrated to any latest version (items with all due dates or flags are shown first).
  • Perspectives — Anyone must be able to at this point filter, sort, and group actions by dropped status.
  • Repeats — It’s this time actually possible to “skip” an occurrence of your repeating item by dropping the software application. You’ll be prompted whether in order to schedule the next occurrence or drop the item fully.
  • Sorting — Added By Date Dropped to an Manage > Sort Whenever submenu.
  • Clean Up — Fixed a issue where Cleanup didn’t quickly happen when replacing perspectives.
  • Counting — Fixed a issue with summary counts in sequential projects with all of where the grandchild action group included accomplished actions.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash when attempting to create the new project in free viewer mode or undoing creation of a new project when licensed.
  • First Run — OmniFocus Full version Download for Mac now refuses so that you can connect along with other incompatible databases during first run, instead of to allow for syncing without transferring them, which led so that you can later the problems.
  • Forecast — Prevented occasions from the system “Found in Natural Language” calendar through appearing in Forecast.
  • Outline See — Fixed a very few rendering the problems within the outline when running a beta version of macOS.
  • Sidebar — Optimized the alignment of folder and their project icons in a sidebar.
  • Omni Account — If you’re signed into an Omni Account anyone have the ability to at this point view the detailed information about up your account, consisting of any active subscription, via the OmniFocus > Omni Account menu item.
  • Action Groups — Completing an action group no more explicitly completes every action in this group. Instead, the actions inherit the completed status.
  • Action Status — Actions in projects or action groups which are accomplished or dropped at this point inherit their container’s status—similar to any existing behavior of due dates, defer dates, and flags. The Completed perspective as well as their Availability: Dropped perspective filter rule match activities that inherit the accomplished or dropped status.


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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