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Download Pagico for Mac - Manage tasks, notes, and files, and your projects and clients.

Pagico Free Download

Store in addition to their manage lots of other up your tasks, notes, files, projects as well as their connections in a single user-friendly app. Keeping all things organized as well as their on-track may be easier than in the past.

Interactive Flowcharts Its revolutionary flowchart intuitively presents all your personal schedule data without the being overwhelming, enabling you to easily in addition to their visually stay on track. Along with the brand new Stats see, anyone are capable of definitely view how productive you’ll have been, making up your job a little more satisfying to do.

Forecast and their Daily Planning Here are the Dashboard screen, as well as their you’ll possess a clear sense of your upcoming schedule. Start up your day from the Daily Planning section, that permits you to prioritize things for the current day, view the all late or upcoming items, as well as their reschedule items if essential.

Manage files and their notes that is included in tasks Compared with a few other todo apps, Pagico Free Download for Mac controls notes in addition to their files in addition! So that you can make up your action items, and drop in those related files. Which makes the road trip? Make use of the Record feature to plan your own stops, as well as their drag in restaurant menus or visitor guides. Meeting the client? Import up your pattern drafts suitable near the design requirements.

Manage projects with all of highly effective tagging support With all Pagico, it is simple to handle all your personal projects as well as their archive old stuff when necessarily. Our creative tag internet browser will allow you to effortlessly navigate among up your ocean of projects. Look up any kind of project with just a few clicks.

Manage your clients and cross-reference Create contact profiles and their manage contact-specific notes, tasks and even files (by way of example emails). Have a very few clients related to a project? You can easily create cross-link among them. In actual fact, Pagico Full Version Download will let you cross-reference in between your almost anything: notes, tasks, files, projects in addition to their contacts!

Use Smart Collections in order to customize the way anyone see your own data Wise Libraries are just like wise playlists. Set one or more keywords, in addition to their it’ll include almost everything (tasks, notes, projects and connections) in it very quickly. GTD users would probably arranged up a few smart libraries, similar to @errands and their @office, while having we normally have @bugs for their bug tracking in addition to their @improvements regarding their function wish lists.

Sync data through the cloud Through the built in Workspaces function, you can easily as well as their selectively share projects/contacts data using your additional desktops, as well as their iOS devices. Once you work with a compact team, you’ll be able to make use of the Workspace function to easily sync data and their collaborate using your team.

Cross-platform compatible Pagico Download for their Pc is best compatible with all of Mac Mac-Os X, Microsoft windows in addition to their Ubuntu. Can you have many private computer systems? Quickly set up Pagico Download on all of them as well as their set up a workspace in order to connect data among them.

What’s New in Pagico 7.1

Version 7.1 (1780):

  • New: Word and letter count so in case you go for the portion of text
  • New: The lock screen (with all easy to customize background image) is actually available regarding their databases without any passwords
  • Improved context menu for easier task creation (anyone are capable of this time right-click on the project in a projects list to create new tasks)
  • Improved Natural Language Parsing
  • In Record item edit mode, the confirmation may well be shown to avoid missing out on unsaved changes by accidentally pressing the ESC key
  • Greatly designed content listing efficiency in data containers (projects, contacts as well as their inbox)
  • Improved the trustworthiness of workspace sync
  • Improved Daily Planning section at a very small yet satisfying animation so if you whole entire lots of other your Today’s items.
  • Improved the rendering of appointments in Dashboard
  • When switching to a container for any completely unique object, the object in question might be elegantly highlighted
  • Creating lists (rather then tasks) has been easier in containers when using the individual “+” buttons
  • Improved the user experience within the New Task panel
  • Fixed the rendering of ampersand symbols in lists
  • Fixed the bug where the Show Hidden Items toggle might not be seen as expected in just a few rare cases


Mac Operating system X 10.7 or later

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